A cloth drying on a branch in a forest started Marianna Ladreyt’s AW1920 Odyssey.
It through her back to woods’ childhood, where, even out of society, humanity movements remain : tying, knotting, at different scales, with different materials.
For CoralBay, this fascination brought Marianna to the castaway’s cliché figure, a Zemeckis’ Chuck Nolan Castaway on an island by its own will.
This Ulysses ties, knots, survives, and comptemplates : from morning dew to light and colorful day, to sunrise and its shineness on the surface of the water, until infinite constellations at night.
Those movements and colors being the core of CoralBay, AW1920 collection.

Knitwear & textile design by Alice Allenet. Shoes & metal work by Mayeul Reignault.
With the support of Swarovski, Puntoseta and Dutel Creations.